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How to Purchase a Printable Template

Creating an invitation can be time consuming, especially for people who don’t have the time to brainstorm about it. As such, you may end up purchasing the generic ones from the local bookstore and manually write the details. Unfortunately, this does not work for wedding and other event invitations. You may need to spend time in choosing the words and details that should appear on the invitation.

What would you do if you already have the wordings and the invitation? It would be so easy to print it on your nicely-scented board paper and distribute, wouldn’t it? This is exactly what is available in the Templates and Vectors online store. Here’s a step by step process on how to purchase an invitation template from this amazing online store:

  1. Login or Register. Login with your credentials at If you have no account yet, click on register. It’s free!

  2. Register using an active email account. You can easily register using your active email account.
  3. Successful registration. After successful registration, you will see dashboard where you can see your orders, downloads, and account details.
  4. Start browsing the designs. You can browse the products categories through the menu and start choosing from there or click “HOME” to start over.
  5. Sorting the list. For instance, you chose to purchase a Wedding Invitation Template. When you click on the Wedding Category, you will then arrive at a page where the varied layouts for wedding invitations are shown. You can sort them by Name, Price, Date, Popularity, and Rating. Prices for the template are also indicated in each invitation sample.
  6. Filtering the list. You can filter the list by Color and Theme.
  7. Zoom in. You can hover your mouse over the design to see it closely.

  8. Choose your currency. Select the currency you wish to pay in, either in US Dollar or Philippine Peso.
  9. Add to Cart. Once you have clicked on a format or variation,  click the “Add to Cart” button.

  10. View Cart. Once you add the invitation to your cart, you can view it, or add another item. You can also click the top most bar showing your Shopping Cart.

  11. Apply Coupon and Check Out. Once you are satisfied with your choices, you can apply coupon codes that you have received that are applicable. Click on update and you are ready to Checkout.

  12. Update account details. This is needed as part of the database of the store for re-ordering purposes. Please fill this up before proceeding to the next step, where, you will see your order summary and options for payment. You can choose to pay using PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit.

  13. For PayPal payments. Click on PayPal option, tick the box if you have read the terms and conditions, and click the button Proceed to PayPal and then complete the PayPal transaction.

    For bank deposit payments. Click on Direct Bank Transfer option, tick the box if you have read the terms and conditions, and deposit your payment to one of the bank accounts that will be provided.
    Note: We only accept Philippine Peso currency for local bank deposits. If you are purchasing from outside the Philippines, you can do bank remittance and let the bank do the conversion to Philippine Peso. Conversion fee/loss will be charged to you. So if you are residing abroad, we suggest the PayPal payment method 🙂
  14. Payment Transaction Finished. After you’ve successfully paid for the template, you will receive an email confirmation with the download link.

  15. Download the template you bought. You can download your purchased template upto 3 times, within 7 days from date of order completion. You can now edit it and use it repeatedly for other related invitations.